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Rage 2: Tips To Obtain Settler Pistol
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May 16, 2019

It’s been about 30 years since the first iteration of Rage came to existence, but Avalanche Studios in association with id Software have finally developed a sequel to the classic Rage title to introduce the thrill and excitement of the Rage title to modern gamers. 

 The latest Rage 2 title features a Settler Pistol which previous Rage players would remember as the Settler Pistol was utilized by Nicholas Raine who was the protagonist of the Rage.

To obtain a Settler Pistol gamers are required to pre-order the Rage 2 title as those players who have pre-ordered the Rage 2 title would be granted with some exclusive bonus content which also includes the Settler Pistol handheld melee type weapon.

Players who have pre-ordered the Rage 2 title will be able to access some special rewards like exclusive quest missions, NBA Jam announcer’s voice and a unique skin of a truck. As the Rage 2 title has already been released, new players of the title would be laid off from the special items and rewards available from pre-ordering the title.

Still those gamers who had pre-ordered the Rage 2 title would be able to unlock the unique Settler Pistol by accomplishing the Cult of the Death God mission which is exclusively available for all the players who pre-ordered the Rage 2 title.

 In Cult of the Death God mission gamers will be required to eliminate a group of mutants who idolize Nicholas Raine as god and worship him. In order to initiate this mission player will have to help the leader of the resistance namely Captain John Marshall to activate his power.

To finish the Cult of The Death God challenge players will be required to go inside sewers to eliminate all the mutants and ultimately defeat the giant boss. As players successfully finish the special challenge they will be granted with a shiny Settler Pistol alongside the Nicholas Armor. 

Although players should undermine the fact that the Settler Pistol is not a very efficient weapon in the Rage 2 title, still the handheld Settler Pistol is capable of dealing reliable damage with a powerful blow. But the weapon lacks in stability, range and fire rate which leaves the Settler Pistol as more of a stylized item which players can utilize in a desperate need to counter the incoming enemies.

  It is expected that the Rage 2 developers would also include some additional DLC content in the future which would allow players to explore new possibilities in the future.

Although the current Settler Pistol is limited to players who pre-ordered the Rage 2 title, still it is quite possible to witness such locked items to be available inside the game through DLC content and possibly players may even be able to purchase such special items from the in-game shop so all those players who are unable to access this weapon should not lose hope.

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Source: http://goformcafee.com/blog/rage-2-tips-to-obtain-settler-pistol/

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Could be Launched During The Upcoming E3
May 16, 2019

Pokemon Sword and Shield are set for the launch on Nintendo Switch gaming console and was expected to release somewhere down the end of 2019, but contradicting all odds, there’s still no confirmed date revealed for the said title until yet.

Still, various gaming experts and Pokemon community members are speculating the launch for the Pokemon Sword and Shield could be possibly occurring during the upcoming E3 event which is set for June 2019.

It is currently assured that Nintendo would be presenting a Switch Direct Presentation during 2019 E3 which is set for 11th June 2019 at 9 am PT. The said Nintendo Switch Direct Presentation would showcase some of the Switch gaming titles that would be published for 2019.

As Nintendo declared the existence of Pokemon Sword and Shield as early as in February which understandably hints on the launch of the said title during the upcoming E3 event in June. Nintendo presented the Pokemon Sword and Shield teaser in early February, and it is quite possible that the title has been completely developed and now is set to launch during the grand E3 event.

Many experts have also pointed towards the possibility of Nintendo revealing a lunch window for the anticipated Pokemon Sword and Shield title and not actually launch the game during the E3 Nintendo Direct Presentation. 

Currently, it is really hard to undermine the precise launch date for the Pokemon Sword and Shield title due to insufficient details and information associated to the new Pokemon game still by reviewing the current theories and speculations it is quite possible that the Pokemon Sword and Shield may release somewhere around November 15th to November 20th.

A recent leak by a data miner has pointed out that the said Pokemon title is quite likely to release in the month of November and current excitement and hype amongst the fans suggest that the most likely launch date for Pokemon Sword and Shield would be November 15th.

Moreover, November 15th lies on Friday which Nintendo prefers to release their games on, so it also adds to the support for the floating theory. Even the Pokemon Let’s Go series was released on November 16th, 2018, so keeping this in mind Niantic may introduce the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield on November 15th, 2019 to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Pokemon Let’s GO series.

In addition, the date of release for other Nintendo Switch games is also pointing towards the November as the optimal launch window for Pokemon Sword and Shield. If undermining the leaked information to be true Animal Crossing title could be launched during the coming September, Luigi’s Mansion 3 title could be introduced in October and the Pokemon Sword and Shield title could be added in the month of November.

As Nintendo has a past record of revealing a new game each month, it could be entirely possible that the leaked information could be accurate and the new Pokemon game could be accessed in the upcoming November. Let’s see what Nintendo has planned for its users as it is believed that Nintendo may introduce some fresh new titles and hardware for its users in the coming E3 2019.

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Source: http://macfeemcafee.com/pokemon-sword-and-shield-could-be-launched-during-the-upcoming-e3/

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Mordhau: Guide To Use The Lute
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May 15, 2019

Surprisingly enough Steam’s exclusive Mordhau title features Lute, a good alternative to use as a weapon in a battlefield. Although it is not entirely effective on the battlefield, still players around the globe are combining this unique weapon type with other useable items like Frying Pan.

Gamers can refer to the tips and tricks mentioned below to better know the use of the Lute in the Mordhau game and utilize it to their utmost advantage. First and foremost Mordhau players will be required to equip the Lute item and to do so, players are required to head to the home screen where they can choose the desired mercenary which you desire to hand the Lute.

As gamers select the Armory from the top left-hand corner of the screen, it would present them with an option to either create a new customized mercenary or simply choose one of their previously created characters.

Regardless of selecting any of the two, players will have full access to customize the appearances, weapon esthetics and armor for the chosen mercenary. To equip the Lute to the desired mercenary, gamers will have to select the Weapon Loadouts option which would present with the available weapons which you can equip to the fighter.

Although every weapon has its gear point which restricts players from carrying more weapons to the battle, still the Lute only costs one gear point which enables gamers to include another weapon to their character. The best gear to have besides the Lute is the Frying Pan or players can also equip the Arming Sward which could help in resolving closed range melee attacks.

To utilize the Lute as a melee weapon, gamers can press the “R” key on their keyboard which would convert the musical instrument into a makeshift melee weapon and help players in overcoming intense closed combats.

Still, before laying down a strategy of utilizing the Lute as a prominent weapon of choice, gamers should consider the fact that Lute is no profound weapon type and instead fits the category of a useful musical device which could resolve into a makeshift weapon in dire situations on the battlefield. So it is not fruitful to consider this item as a weapon. Instead, it is more of a useable item which can help players in improving the in-game experience of the players.

Interestingly enough the key feature of Lute is to play music and undoubtedly this element of the instrument is also included to the title as players can utilize the Lute item as a playable musical device which can help in boosting the morale of battle mates.

To equip the Lute item players can press the “Number Key” from their keyboard. Moreover, to play different notes on the Lute, players can use their left, right mouse keys and utilizing the scroll button up and down. Interestingly enough players can even in-act a battle cry on the field by hitting the “V” button on the keyboard.

Many players have even managed to post their videos while playing different songs using Lute during the battle. Some of the hit tracks that pro gamers managed to play while being in between the battle includes “Yakety Sax” and “Doom” and have been massive hits on social sites.

Still, if any players desire to not indulge in close combats and use deadly weapons like the swards and Lute, then they can also choose to play a role of engineer by choosing the Engineer Class. Although not much is known for this class in the game, still the engineer faction is known to develop massive building type structures which lay down different types of projectiles towards the enemy troops.

Let’s see what more will the new Mordhau title introduce for gamers to explore the medieval times as It is far likely to observe some cavalry boost in the future updates which would tremendously improve the overall attacking power of the entire army.

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Source: http://instal-office.com/blog/mordhau-guide-to-use-the-lute/

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How Long Does It Take To Complete Rage 2?
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May 15, 2019

Rage 2 is out for all gamers to delve in the realm of intense combat and gore open world interactions. Still, many players and fans are speculating as to how much time is required to complete the entire game.

As many gamers are on the hook of deciding to purchase the title and desire to know how much time could they engage with the Rage 2 to absolutely accomplish every in-game challenge and quest.

Many gamers pre-ordered the Rage 2 title and have access to the title after launch. Such players have indicated that the Rage 2 complete walkthrough is relatively short.

Still, as the Rage 2 title is entirely new, players will require some additional time to explore each and every location in the open world environment. Moreover, various side missions would also keep the players busy for some additional time resulting in the extension of the total length of Rage 2 title.

Although many players and experts have hinted the walkthrough for Rage 2 requires 5 to 7 hours to complete; still, many players who have purchased the title are suggesting the length of the Rage 2 title fall somewhere in between 11 to 15 hours which includes all the side missions and challenges.   

In addition, if any player desires even further to extend the length of the Rage 2 gameplay can explore each and every aspect of new open world environment introduced in Rage 2 which would require players approximately a total of 30 hours.

Many would not consider the 30 hours to be quite ample time frame to enjoy an open world environment title, still considering the fact that 30 hours of gameplay is indeed far greater than the actual Rage 2 story length.

Surely the Rage 2 title is slightly short in gameplay length in comparison to various other open world titles available and many regular open world gamers would find it quite odd to undergo with such short story duration for such genre.

Still, if the gameplay of the new Rage 2 title manages to excite players, then it would automatically compensate for the length of the in-game story. As per the initial reviews and gameplay, players are suggesting the Rage 2 title to be quite indulging and player-centric which enables the gamer to decide the outcomes of the game.

But with the positive feedback, many reviewers do point out the lack of storyline and plot which disables players to have any great deals for the game and rather gamers should not have vague high hopes from the title. Let’s see how the Rage 2 performs amongst the plethora of other open world environment style games already available for players to choose from.

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Source: https://quicksetupme.com/how-long-does-it-take-to-complete-rage-2/

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