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    Stand up pouch for beef jerky packaging

    Supouh provide barrier bags for beef jerky packaging or biltong packaging. As the sales of beef jerky or dry sausage stick are increasing at a faster rate than chips over the last 3 years, meat snack is becoming a favorite snack food in USA in contrast with the slow-down of growth in chips, popcorn or cheese consumption. More brands are crowding into the market offering beef jerky or meat sticks on emphasizing its special characteristic like grass-fed, organic, natural, or clean label.
    For beef jerky or biltong makers, unique snack packaging pouch with high quality printing helps differentiate the brand from the market competitors. supouch provide a full range of food safe pouch bags including flat pouch and stand up pouch for beef jerky and meat snack packaging. The excellent barrier property by laminated polymer film greatly extends the shelf life of dried meat products on minimizing the oxidation degradation. Some beef jerky chew pouches are vacuum sealed to achieve a shelf life of more than one year, which is perfect for snack food packaging.
    Foil, kraft paper, metalized film are applied to suit different packaging need. Supouch is able to imitate the texture of Kraft paper to make a kraft look pouch by printing on the plastic films. The kraft look bag is welcomed by the organic food packaging that need higher barrier pouch without compromising on the features of organic and natural feel.
    Supouch is one of the earliest suppliers of flexible packaging pouches bags in china who have serviced a number of large multinational brands for over two decades, you can have your peace of mind when placing an order with us, our exprerienced and dedicated teams would be able to handle all the details of converting, packing and shipping.
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